Welcome to your brand new super awesome website!

This website was really just created so that you could have some sort of front for your "brand new super awesome" email addresses. I just didn't want to see your domain go to waste, so here you go. Happy Birthday. If you want to end up hosting with someone else- get one of those free websites or something, you totally have that option.

Your website in set to be non-indexed. This means that the search engines are told not to document this website when they scan the web. Feel free to make it your own. The only people that will know about it are the ones that manually enter the domain name in their browsers.

In the navigation above you'll see a couple of useful links. We have a login for your webmail, (in case you want to log in on the go, instead of just using Outlook or forwarding to Charter.) We also have a link to your own login on my server. That way you can make literally anything you want for your site. Just ask Martin if you need any help on the HTML. I heard he was studying that. He should also know how to operate Webmin. Just make sure he doesn't take over your website as an HTML test site. That would be lame.

I've made the usernames and passwords for everything as close to your default as I could- but just ask me if you need the login info for anything.

I should explain something about your email address though. You technically only have the one inbox, under "kenlori." I did set up a "catchall" though on the address, which means that literally anything that is sent to your domain name will go to your inbox, (regardless of what the username is.) This domain is yours afterall, why not make use of it?

With the catchall though, that means that you can give out addresses like ken@ or lori@ and they will both still come to the same inbox. The fun part though is finding out where your spam comes from by giving Chipotle "burrito@" and Pizza Hut "pizza@" to see which ones come back to you. You can then block certain addresses or senders.

I've also forwarded your email to your Charter. Anything that goes into your FuseMail inbox will go to your Charter address. The end goal is to wean off of Charter, but this will help you get started during the transition. I've also auto-configured your inbox to erase messages older than 30 days old. This can be reversed, but I figured that most of your messages would be checked in Outlook, and as long as you check your email at least once a month, they will be downloaded to your desktop hard drive before deletion. (Not to mention for the time-being they'll also all be backed up in your Charter.net account.) With the 30 day buffer you will still be able to check messages up to a month old on the go.

That's really all I've got for you. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck. Please use the new addresses. Charter's a hella lame email provider.

Also Happy Birthday!